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Easy to use software to display Tweets

Everybody can create their own Twitter wall with Wall of Social. Even the most non-technical person you know. That’s how simple it is.

With Wall of Social, you can display a live stream of tweets about topic of your choice. Try it out! Just fill in a hashtag in the ‘Twitter Search’ window above, and… that’s it. You’ll immediately see live tweets with that hashtag appearing. Looks good, right?

As you can see, you don’t need any technical knowledge. Our software makes it very easy for you to enjoy your own Twitter show.

Web-based software

The Wall of Social Twitter Wall is web-based. That means you don’t need to download any Wall of Social software. It all happens online in your browser. When you choose a hashtag, you immediately get a direct web link to your Twitter wall. It even includes your current settings.

With that weblink you can display your show on any computer you want. That’s especially handy when you haven’t got much time to set up your show. During a presentation, for example, you can just click the link, and immediately amaze your audience. Easy as pie!

Our software enables you to view and use your Twitter show anytime, anywhere. There’s only three basic things you need to display your own Wall of Social Twitter Wall:

  1. a computer
  2. a modern web browser (we recommend Google Chrome)
  3. internet access

That’s it.

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Tips 'n Tricks to setup your Tweet Wall

  • Fullscreen

    Click on the icon in the upper right corner

  • Speed

    Enter speed to set highlighting speed:


  • Search Syntax

    You can use all twitter search operators

  • Avatars

    Use a high-resolution image as you avatar for optimal display

Wall of Social is used and trusted by

  • CUNY
  • Microsoft
  • OCBC Cycling
  • ted

Wall of Social. The Tweet Wall Software for Brands & Events.

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