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Wall of Social: a free Instagram Wall

Wall of Social is a Twitter Wall free to use for private use in a home setting. But it’s more than that. You can also use it as an Instagram Wall! That’s especially interesting for events or brands. Curious what makes it even more interesting? It’s free for small events and personal use! Get in touch with us to see whether you're eligible for a free license.

Here is how the slideshow works. Wall of Social automatically collects live Instagram pictures with your brand or event hashtag. They instantly appear on your Instagram Wall as a live slideshow. If you display your Instagram Wall on your website or on a big screen at your event, all your visitors will enjoy the photo show. And even better: they will want to be part of it. While entertaining your visitors, your Wall of Social Instagram Wall also effectively increases interactivity.

Increase your brand engagement

When people see pictures pop up on your photo wall, they will want to snap a photo as well. Seeing your own picture appear in an Instagram Wall is exciting and fun. It’s as simple as that.

As a result, you can easily promote your event or brand with a Wall of Social Instagram Wall. Just by setting up an Instagram wall and displaying it publicly, your brand engagement can go through the roof. Piece of cake, right?

Compatible with the latest Instagram API Platform changes

On June 1st, 2016, Instagram made a change to their platform requiring all applications to submit for review before being transitioned to "sandbox mode". Many applications built on top of Instagram ceased to work or did not get the required approval. We're happy to report the Wall of Social Instagram Wall is fully functioning on the new API. We're excited to keep working with Instagram in order to deliver the best platform and experience for our users.

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Are you interested in using an Instagram wall for your event or business? Then there’s only one thing to do: get in touch with us. We love to help you out!

Tips 'n Tricks to setup your Tweet Wall

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  • Search Syntax

    You can use all twitter search operators

  • Avatars

    Use a high-resolution image as you avatar for optimal display

Wall of Social is used and trusted by

  • CUNY
  • Microsoft
  • OCBC Cycling
  • ted

Wall of Social. A free to try Instagram Wall for Events & Brands.

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