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Welcome to the Tweet Wall of Social

Wall of Social (previously known as "Wall of Silver") is a fun Twitter Wall to display live tweets about any topic you like. Once you've set the topic you want to visualise, click on the icon in the top right to display the live Twitter stream in full-blown action!

Tips 'n Tricks to setup your Tweet Wall


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Use a high-resolution image as you avatar, it will look better.

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Follow @wallofsocial for info and more tips.

Free Twitter Wall Software

Wall of Social is a free twitter wall to use for small events and conferences.

A Complete Social Wall

Wall of Social supports Twitter out-of-the-box. In case you want to add different social networks, check out the options below.

Event Usage Ideas

Use Wall of Social as a Live Wall at your

  • conference, panel, show
  • shop-windows, kiosk or info-desk
  • hall, waiting room
  • web page, by embedding it on your site

Wall of Social. A Live Social Wall for Events & Brands.